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Dirty 3rd: Next Generation

A sequel to a legendary movie used as a platform for Wreckshop Records artist development

Wreckshop nation

About us

Wreckshop Nation is an independently owned entertainment company focused on promoting and producing digital content, products, and services for artists while simultaneously embracing the southern hip hop culture that developed in Houston during the late 1990’s.

wreckshop nation


Wreckshop Records worked with every successful artist to come out of Houston from the late 90’s to late 2000’s. Popular names include Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall, among plenty of others who helped pave the way for DJ Screw’s style of music rising to prominence. Derrick Dixon was at the helm of disseminating what has proven to be one of the most significant movements in the history of hip hop.

Pure originality, timeless (style, sound & delivery)...One of a kind!!

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